British Community Association of Vienna

The British Community Association of Vienna (BCA) operates on a non-profit basis, organising social and cultural events for British passport holders and their families living in Vienna.

Whether you are a newcomer to Vienna or you have been here for some time, the BCA has something to offer. If you have recently arrived, we understand that it can be difficult to create a new social life, particularly if the language is new, and we can help make that easier, by introducing you to our own network of British friends already living here. If you are already established in Vienna you will be able to expand your existing network of social contacts, and either way,  you will be able to join in the events that we organise.

We have regular events and activities each month (suspended at the moment due to covid regulations), which includes pub evenings, a walking group, sailing, coffee mornings, a darts night, a girls’ night out, theatre & cinema visits, and family days out, plus lots more.


Pub Night, once every month (suspended at the moment due to covid regulations), New Members welcome

Flanagans Irish pub Vienna, 1010 Vienna, Schwarzenberg Strasse 1-3

Simply contact us to find out when the next one is being held and pop along. You’ll receive a warm welcome from our members if you do, and hopefully just the advice you needed.


Our members enjoy a lively and varied social life in and around our beautiful city.

Each month members receive the Association’s Newsletter (suspended at the moment, but we are keeping our members informed via e-mail), which details forthcoming events organised by other members. No-one is obliged to attend, but with such a diverse range on offer, there is bound to be something to tempt everyone.

Organising, and attending a BCA event can be a lot of fun. Some of our popular events are our “Pub Night”, “Dart Night”,  “Coffee Morning”, “Restaurant Evening”, “Men’s Beisl Tour”,  “Weekday Walks” (Monday and Wednesday) or our “Book Club”.

Want to organise an Event?

You’ve got an idea for an event or would like to host an event? Please email your event details or ideas to the events coordinator. Write a little text about the location, give your contact details as a host and don’t forget to give public transport details too for those wish to attend.

The BCA was originally run informally, until 2000 when its members decided to form an official “Eingetragener Verein”. This was founded in 2001, and since then the association has been known as the British Community Association of Vienna (Vereinigung der Briten in Wien). Click here to read the Association’s official statutes in German and English.

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